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About me


I’m Agustina, a pattern designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and founder of AC Print Studio.

Since I was a child, I have had a strong attraction to colors, pencils, and watercolors.

I started working for a textile company making yarn-dyed designs for men´s shirts. After that, I worked in a project for an independent studio based in Barcelona for four years. My role there was to create prints mainly for Devaux Textile, a company that designs patterns for recognized brands such as Zara, Mango and Max Mara.

This experience gave me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

Currently, I lead a team of designers that creates exclusive prints for state-of-the-art fashion brands.


How do I buy a design?

Can I make changes to the designs that are in the shop online??

What kind of payments do you have?

How long does it take to send me the design?

Does the design come ready to print?

Do the designs include color variants?

Do you do custom designs?